White and IR

White Lighting and Infra Red are used for both front lighting and for back lighting as below:-

The source of white back lighting is a 1 mm thick electroluminescent sheet.

The earlybook imaging system (shown below) allows the highest quality white light and infra red front lit and back lit images to be captured …

The Book Bridge (shown below) when used with one’s own camera / smart phone and a light sheet is a truly portable means of acquiring front lit and back lit images …

Book Bridge
Book Bridge over a book
Recommend use 10 second Delayed Exposure
Book Bridge
Larger Book
Light Sheet in Position but ‘off’
Camera in Position
Light Sheet in Position and ‘on’
Camera in Position

Registered Designs Act, 1949

Registered Design 6005723

13 January 2017

Light Sheets (Sizes on demand)

Earlybook Imaging System

Book Bridge

All Available from earlybook.info