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wrote about Revealing Watermarks:

Many thanks for  the response and info.  I get it now.   I knew it was possible– a few years ago I began a mini project and I encountered this very issue (a  part of a watermark hidden by ink of text).  Although slightly different, I knew it was possible to do a separation in antique art, re the paint layers, and I had discussed it also with someone using PXRF (scanning) on pottery —  but  what you describe is pretty straight forward –  I will have to get your book! …update:   I just ordered it.   Probably I  can be more engaged in my queries when I have the book in hand.  Looking forward to that,

Stay well, and really glad you have this  up and running.  I have been very dedicated to  the concept of   authenticating in codicology, and this will make a difference I feel.

best regards,

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