With the “Earlybookreflector,” Dr Ian Christie-Miller has engineered an elegant solution to the problem of getting images from the pages of books that are too delicate to open without cracking the text block or spine. 

The device is impressively simple, yet it fits a need achingly felt by bibliographic researchers and booksellers alike.

Rodger Friedman, Ph.D. Rare Book Studio Tuxedo Park, NY USA

Angled imaging in delicate books has always been a problem for me and for my colleagues.  I am grateful to Dr Christie-Miller for rescuing me from it.

earlybookreflector – Sample Image courtesy of Rare Book Studio – Bree Magpie

How to image a book open

45 degrees …

45 degrees

or just 30 degrees …

30 degrees

Box, Standard Size earlyreflector, pads

Use pads to support book and to support small camera …

small camera support

or to support cellphone …

Cell Phone

earlybookreflector can also be used with a light sheet for back lighting …

Light sheet in place but OFF
Light sheet in place and ON

Notice Crown Watermark at bottom left

There is also the smaller 150 mm MINI earlybookreflector …

150mm x 150 mm front surface silvered reflector with pads

Use pads to raise earlybookreflector and to support cell ‘phone / camera

And the Jumbo Size

Jumbo Size – one reflector and two support legs

supplied flat packed …

When assembling, place paper under the bolts – never touch the silver surface!

Jumbo Size at 45 degrees

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Standard earlybookreflector £65.00

Mini earlybookreflector. £45.00

Jumbo earlybookreflector £180.00

Light Sheet £120.00

Contact look@earlybook.info