Light Panels

Here are details of the (new!) Infra Red light panel and of the (conventional) White light panel.


Whereas back lit images taken with White light are often obscured by overprinting and overwriting, back lit images taken by Infra Red on occasions (depending on the ink) do not register the ink – thus watermarks are freed from overwriting.

Here is an example:

Infra Red does not ‘see’ some inks.

Thus (some) unwanted texts can be ‘removed’ …

The 10 cm x 10 cm Infra Red emitting light sheet used above was supplied by:

PhosphorTech Corporation

3645 Kennesaw North Industrial Parkway

Kennesaw Georgia 30144



Supplied to British Library Manuscripts Department

1 mm thick, remain cool in use

Ms. Fettouma Benyahia of the National Library of Algeria demonstrates Dr. Ian Christie-Miller’s digital imaging technique at a lecture she gave on 8 March 2021, hosted by Qatar National Library.
Light Sheet OFF
Light Sheet ON

5 mm margin not illuminated.

pdf Instructions for Use

Price: £85.00 zero VAT – Size: 140 mm x 205 mm

Price: £120.00 zero VAT – Size: 203 mm x 290 mm

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