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The evidence from watermarks advances the understanding of historical connections.

Example 1

Watermarks show that the distribution of the paper used for the first book printed in Ge’ez, Latin, Hebrew and Greek followed the Hanseatic League trade routes reaching into Russia.

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Example 2

Watermarks and Provenance of the New Testament, 1526, by William Tyndale.

Wuerttembergische Landesbibliothek copy.

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Example 3

The first book printed in Lithuanian (2 copies extant) also has music annotated. Here is the sound track of one them:-

Mažvydas Catechismvsa Prasty Szadei : Makslas skaitima raschta yr giesmes del kriksczianistes bei del berneliu iaunu nauiej sugulditas.  Weinreich, Jan (ca 1490-1560). Druk. Rosja Kaliningrad.  1547
Here is one track:-

Voice of Ms. Aušrinė Aurelia Apanavičiūtė.
Recording from the Roman Catholic St Casimir Lithuanian Church, London, funded by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

40MW is music and words of the Commandments.

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