Revealing Watermarks

Clicky Clicky This site is about hand made paper, especially how the watermarks can be used …

to enhance security

to reveal hidden data

It also shows …

How to Image a Book Open 45 degrees or just 30 degrees

How to Re-assemble a Sheet as Originally Printed

electroluminescent light sheets

BookBridge simple camera support

White Light and Infra Red – Front Lighting and Back Lighting

The – Book

EXTRA Not only has a distinct crown watermark been found in the first book printed in Lithuanian but there are numerous sound annotations. Here is one of them: Mažvydas Catechismvsa Prasty Szadei : Makslas skaitima raschta yr giesmes del kriksczianistes bei del berneliu iaunu nauiej sugulditas.  Weinreich, Jan (ca 1490-1560). Druk. Rosja Kaliningrad.  1547 Here is one track:- Voice of Ms. Aušrinė Aurelia Apanavičiūtė. Recording from the Roman Catholic St Casimir Lithuanian Church, London, funded by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.